Welcome to Also Energy

A combined portfolio for the highest level of performance, efficiency and profitability

Consolidating best-in-breed technologies

By joining the AlsoEnergy family, Locus Energy customers add value from comprehensive portfolio aggregation across all modes of energy generation to unified reporting and metrics across all platforms.

Meet evolving customer needs

The AlsoEnergy platform’s flexible and extensible architecture gives project stakeholders interoperability, SCADA, and all the capabilities needed to weather the cost pressures to come and deliver distributed generation assets for the grid of the future.

Greater support throughout the project lifecycle

AlsoEnergy’s SupportTrack combines best-in-class support resources operating with shared core principles that automatically open tickets when you call or email, track active tickets and close tickets only after customer communication indicates issue resolution.

Worldwide support and engineering resources

SupportTrack features expanded resources for installation and commissioning, onboarding, software configurations, system communications, data quality concerns, hardware support, training and professional services across America, Europe & Asia.

We’re always here for you

Access SupportTrack at support@locusenergy.com or by calling +1 (877) 562-8736 x1 = commercial, x2 = residential.

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